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AMAK & Co Ltd was formed in 2010 with a vision of creating simple, affordable and innovative solutions to accounting.

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I was recommended to try AMAK for my accounting needs by another colleague a few years ago – I’ve never looked back, it’s great to be with an accountant who understands my practice and offers me valuable accountancy and tax support throughout the year.

I just wanted to say what excellent accountants you are. You do the annual accounts for my companies and you: always make the process seamless; always make the process simple and hassle free; explain everything in detail; give me plenty of notice of when the accounts are due.

What I have found most pleasing in our relationship, is your constant effort of offering me the opportunity to save time and money, plus your awareness in the changes that constantly take place where tax and revenue are concerned. Also you are always happy to assist when I have a problem or need assistance. Language used is precise yet easy to follow for non-accountants so blending professionalism, clarity and common sense.

I feel very comfortable when dealing with you and see our relationship widening as my business grows.”

Dr M Younas, Consultant
I have been with AMAK and Company for the past five years. The team at AMAK are very knowledgeable and strive to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of accountancy and taxation. They make best endeavours to provide a truly professional service to us. I must say that I am very pleased with the friendly and efficient service I receive, including prompt replies to my emails and phone calls.
Dr S Noor, Consultant
The AMAK team have been very helpful to me and my business in many areas of accounting, tax, finance, and just generally guiding me how to operate within the legal requirements for businesses. Being a startup, I was new to the world of business and didn’t have much knowledge of tax or accounting. AMAK have supported me and given some very innovative and useful advice. I can say with confidence that I would recommend AMAK to my friends and colleagues. Top class, friendly, professional and efficient accountants!
Jamie Gray, Founder of Buddy Burst

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